2020 Band Lineup

Nu-Blu (Host Band)

Valerie Smith and Liberty Pike

Singer/Songwriter Brittany Davis


Below are just a few parts of the music package that are included, see you on the board!

  • Concerts by all the bands
  • Jam with the band – enjoy multiple chances to jam with the bands throughout the week
  • Workshops – Bands will be hosting workshops throughout the week (fiddle, banjo, guitar, bass, mandolin, vocal, playing as a band, the importance of tuning by Peterson Tuners)
  • Individual Lessons – sign up for individual one-on-one music lessons (limited amount of lessons available, so be sure and book your room early)
  • Daily Jam Sessions
  • Songwriting Workshops with Brittany Davis, and Valerie Smith.

We are excited about the variety of workshops that we are going to be able to offer this year, from each instrument, to band workshops, even some songwriting tips!  We offer something for everyone, and of course have some great jams too!    We tailor the workshops to each cruise, so even if you are a returning guest, there will be something new for you too!


Valerie Smith And Liberty Pike


Valerie Smith has developed a unique style and sound that has rocked the bluegrass world for almost two decades with a string of national and international tours, critically acclaimed recordings, and Grammy, IBMA and Dove Award nominations. Val’s vocals are impressive. She has a staggeringly expansive range and the ability to portray an amazing array of emotion. As NPR radio host Dave Higgs, has noted, “She can be sassy, sultry, siren-like, sweet, smooth, soothing and smoldering—sometimes during the span of just one song!” Valerie Smith and her East Coast-based band, Liberty Pike featuring legendary Hall of  Famer , Tom Gray on bass, are consistent audience pleasers and skilled musicians. When Valerie walks onstage with her fabulous band, expect to be inspired, amused and thoroughly entertained.

Nu-Blu (Host Band)

Hailing from Siler City, NC, the textbook definition of a picturesque small southern town, Nu-Blu’s heart and soul is husband-and-wife duo Daniel and Carolyn Routh. Carolyn’s caramel-coated soprano is one of the band’s defining traits, at times a tender lullaby, at times a freight train headed straight for you, but always unwinding a surprising tale. Daniel is the group’s backbone, a multi-instrumentalist and vocalist who also handles band management. Calder Baker on banjo, and Justin Harrison on fiddle/mandolin round out the quartet’s warm, layered, American roots sound. Together they deliver upbeat, blazing-fingers pick work just as well as gentle, heartwarming ballads, and they do it all with a natural togetherness that can’t be faked, forged over hundreds of shows on the road.

Brittany Davis


Brittany Davis is a singer/songwriter and guitarist providing original music as well as pop covers and contemporary country music covers from hit music stations. Davis has been pursuing music from a young age while living in Siler City, North Carolina. She has written well over 200 songs and played over 100 solo acoustic shows at various venues for profit and non-profit organizations. Davis also plays in country cover bands and has done so for over three years. Her songwriting is influenced by artists such as: Taylor Swift, Selena Gomez, and Demi Lovato. Learning how to record while in college, she has just released her first EP, Salem Towne.

All bands advertised represent those in effect at the time of quotation and are subject to change without notice.